Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1. Scope

These Terms and Conditions of Purchase (hereinafter, “Purchase Conditions”) will be applicable to the online purchase of products through the website www.lauralisstudio.com (hereinafter, the “Website”) whose ownership Laura Lis Peña Castillo, with address at C/ Fortuny 29, bajo, 28010, holder of Spanish ID number 51740109E (hereinafter, LAURA LIS) holds, traded through her registered trademark Laura Lis Design.
The use and purchase of services and products through the Website implies, in any case, the acceptance of these Purchase Conditions, in the version published by Laura Lis on the Website at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is convenient for the Client to read these Purchase Conditions before proceeding to the purchase, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy in the Website (hereinafter, las “General Conditions”), since by using this Website or making an order through it the Client agrees to be subject to these Purchase Conditions and the General Conditions. In the case the Client did not agree with these Purchase Conditions and the General Conditions, then the Client should not proceed ahead with the order.

2. Contract between the parties

This information and the content in the Website are not a sale offer, but an invitation to do business. No contractual relationship between the Client and LAURA LIS (hereinafter, el “Contract”) will arise until the order has been duly accepted by LAURA LIS, even if the purchase payment has been made. If, for any reason, the order was not accepted, and a payment had been already made, the amount will be fully reimbursed.
The purchase service through the Website will be governed by these Purchase Conditions and is only allowed for Clients who are at least 18 years old.

This Service will be permanently available 24/7. LAURA LIS informs the Client there may be anomalies or interruptions in the availability or performance of the Service due to cause beyond the control of LAURA LIS (IT provider’s technical problems, telecommunications problems, problems related to the purchaser’s devices, etc.). Therefore, the purchase times may be delayed.
LAURA LIS informs the prices for the Products will be those published on the Website at the time of the order and included VAT and other sale fees. Moreover, shipping fees, duly broken down during the purchasing process, will be borne by the Client.

To make an order, the Client must register on this Website and must follow these steps in the purchasing process:
1. Select the products subject to the order (“Add to Cart”), which will be added to the shopping bag (“My Cart”).
2. Click on “View Cart” to see the products subject to the purchase.
3. Click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
4. Fill in and check the contactand billing information, the order details and the address where you wish to receive your order.
5. Confirm the order and select the payment method (credit/debit card or Paypal) and insert the relevant information.
6. Accept the “Terms and Conditions of Purchase”.
7. Confirm the purchase clicking on “Place order”.

Following this last step, the Client will receive an email confirming the order (“Order Confirmation”), bearing in mind this confirmation does not imply the final acceptance by LAURA LIS but a mere offer to purchase Products. All orders are subject to the acceptance by LAURA LIS, who will in turn confirm the order by sending an email informing the order has been accepted and is in the process of being shipped (“Shipping Confirmation”). The Purchase agreement for a product between LAURA LIS and the Client will be formalised only when the Shipping Confirmation is sent with the relevant invoice and the confirmed estimated date of delivery.

LAURA LIS will not be obliged to replace any products under the client’s order until the order has been confirmed through the Shipping Confirmation. All products are subject to availability. In this regard, if there were any difficulties in the supply, or if the products were not available for sale, LAURA LIS reserves the right to inform the Client of such circumstance and facilitating information on replacement products of the same quality and same or higher price which may be of interest to the Client based on the order and which the Client may order. If the Client had no interest in the replacement products, LAURA LIS will reimburse any amounts the Client may have paid for the unavailable products.
LAURA LIS informs there may be exceptional circumstances (in accordance with Law of 28 April on money laundering and financing of terrorism) which may oblige to cancel the order after having sent the Order Confirmation. LAURA LIS reserves the right to do so at her own risk and discretion.

LAURA LIS reserves the right to cancel a client account should fraudulent, speculative or bad faith actions are detected.
LAURA LIS will modify and update, if so deemed appropriated, the products and prices for trade reasons. Those changes will not affect at any time the products under accepted orders.


3. Parties’ obligations

3.1. Payment

The Price of the products will be the price indicated at all times in the Website, unless there is an obvious mistake, and includes taxes and other sale fees which may be applicable at the time of the purchase and do not include shipping costs or any other costs, including but not limited to customs fees. Shipping fees will be added to the final purchase price and LAURA LIS will inform the Client thereof depending on the type and place of shipping. Moreover, any other costs and expenses which may arise as a result of the purchase, including but limited to customs fees, will be borne by the Client. At the time of the purchase, for they are beyond her control, LAURA LIS cannot guarantee the amount of said costs and expenses, therefore not being liable in relation thereto.

Although LAURA LIS will at all time try to guarantee that the prices on the Website are correct, there may be some errors. If LAURA LIS detected an error in the Products ordered by the Client, LAURA LIS, after informing the Client, will give the Client the opportunity of reconfirming the order at the right price or cancelling it. If LAURA LIS could not reach the Client, the order will be automatically cancelled, and the amounts paid reimbursed.

LAURA LIS is not obliged to ship products that, having been confirmed under the Shipping Confirmation, were purchased under an obvious and unmistakable incorrect Price which may have been reasonably detected by the Client as incorrect
The prices of the Products may change, but unless as provided above, said changes in prices will not affect the orders under the Shipping Confirmation.

The Client may make payments by credit/debit card or PayPal. To minimise the risk of unauthorised Access, Clients will be redirected to an online payment/PayPal platform authorising the payment. By clicking on “Authorising payment” Clients confirm the method of payment is theirs.
LAURA LIS uses Verisign to ensure payments are made in secure manner.
Credit/debit cards are subject to checks and authorisations by banking entities. In the event said entity rejected the payment, LAURA LIS will not be liable for any delays or lack of shipping in the order and, eventually lack of completion of the purchase transaction.



3.2. Added value tax (VAT)

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, every Purchase carried out through the Website will be subject to Added value tax (VAT) in Spain, at the rate in force at the time of the purchase.
Purchases to be shipped to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will be exempt from VAT notwithstanding the applicability of other taxes and fees in accordance with the legal provisions in force therein.


3.3. Other taxes

Any other taxes and expenses which may arise in relation to the purchase and shipping of the products, including without limiting to customs fees, will be borne by the Client. At the time of the purchase, for they are beyond her control, LAURA LIS cannot guarantee the amount of said costs and expenses, therefore not being liable in relation thereto.


4. Shipping

The deliver and shipping of Products purchased through the Website will be carried out by third-party companies (MRW or DHL, any other company LAURA LIS may determine, with whom LAURA LIS does not have any relationship other than a trade relationship.
Although subject to changes, which will be duly informed to the Client at the time of the purchase, for informative purposes, LAURA LIS informs of the applicable shipping areas and rates:


Country/Area Description Shipping time Amount
Spain Madrid 2-5 working days 5,59 €
Inland 2-5 working days 6,11-6,64€
Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla 2-5 working days 9,68-21,19€
Europe Western Europe 10 working days 11,09-13,41€
Central Europe 10 working days 13,42-14,08€
Eastern Europe 10 working days 14,08-19,61€
Escandinavia 10 working days 14,08-18,86 €
North America (USA and Canada) 10 working days 16,21 €
Central America and Caribbean 10 working days 18,7-27,61 €
South America 10 working days 18,71 €



The prices herein refer to shippings under 0.5 kg. In the case the weight was higher, the prices would be increased. The Client will be duly informed at all times of shipping prices. Shipping prices for returns will be informed to the Client at the time of the request.
As a general rule, LAURA LIS does not ship beyond the countries/areas listed above. However, if a Client out of these areas was interested in the Products, LAURA LIS requests that makes contact through info@lauralisstudio.com to check the possibility of shipping to that area of interest.
Shipping times refer to working days. No shipping and deliveries are done during weekends or bank holidays. The shipping and delivery times may be extended up to 45 days in case of the following circumstances:

• Customisation of products
• Special products.
• Unexpected circumstances not attributable to Laura Lis.
• Unavailable stock.
• Force majeure (understanding by force majeure event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled such as failure by third parties, operators or service companies, Government actions, lack of access to third party networks, acts or omissions by public authorities, actions resulting from natural disasters, black outs and attacks by hackers or other security or IT specialists, …)

If for any reasons LAURA LIS could not comply with the estimated date of shipping and delivery, the Client will be duly informed of said circumstance and will be offered the possibility of going ahead with the order or cancelling it, thus being reimbursed the amounts paid.
For the purposes of these Purchase Conditions, it will be considered that the purchase is complete when the Client signs the reception of the Products at the address informed.



5. Right to cancel

The Client may exercise the right to cancel the purchase contract within fourteen (14) calendar days following the receipt of the order.
In order to do so, the Client must access the Personal Area in the Website within the term above and fill in the cancellation and return form detailing the Products. A Courier company will collect the order to be returned as soon as possible. Unless the return is due to a defect of the Products, the cost of the shipping will be borne by the Client, the cost of which will be informed to the Client and will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed to the Client. If the return is due to a defect, the Client must evidence said defect when requesting the return. In such case, LAURA LIS will bear the costs of the shipping.

The Client must return the Product in the same original packaging the pieces should contain no traces of having been used. LAURA LIS will reimburse the amounts paid as soon as possible using the same method of payment, and in any case, within the fourteen (14) days following the notice to cancel and return the Products. The amounts arising from the shipping, if applicable, will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed.

5.1. Cancellation and return form

With the Product, the Client Will receive a cancellation and return form with the order with the following information:
• Date
• Att: LAURA LIS DESIGN C/ Fortuny 29, bajo, 28010 – Madrid.
• I hereby inform of my wish to cancel the order (include order details: order number, date of order, invoice number) including the following products (include description of the products as stated in the Website, the order and the invoice).
• Client’s name:
• Client’s address:
• Client’s signature (if sent in hard copy)


6. Existencia de garantía

Laura Lis’ services and products are of the highest quality.
For manufacturing the Products, LAURA LIS uses the following materials: 925 sterling silver, yellow gold of 24 carats, and colour details are achieved through enamelling technique with a light touch of heat at the end of the process, so colours are more resistant and lasting.
Given the characteristics of the Products, there may be some differences among the services or products offered, mainly due to the singularity and exclusivity of the materials used. Moreover, to a large extent craft production is followed. Therefore, there a no two products that are the same.

LAURA LIS informs the Client the photography used for showing the Products are used mainly for information and advertising purposes. LAURA LIS informs, and the Client is hereby thus informed that the colour and finish of the pieces, in terms of brightness, mateness or light texture, may vary in relation to that in the photography used in the Website for presenting the Products. Therefore, it may be possible that the appearance of the product delivered to the Client slightly differs from the appearance of the real piece included in the purchasing process. In addition, LAURA LIS informs, and the Client is hereby thus informed that the design of the real pieces may slightly differ from the design in the photography used for presenting and promoting the pieces.

LAURA LIS clarifies that some of the photography mainly used for promoting the Website is in silver colour, but that the real pieces to be delivered to the Client are in gold colour. However, should the Client be interested in purchasing the pieces in silver colour and not gold colour, they should contact info@lauralisstudio.com indicating the requirements for the order.
Notwithstanding the above, in no case the quality of the products or services delivered Will be lower than the quality of the pieces presented on the Website.

Therefore, the Client is hereby thus informed and expressly consents these circumstances and differences, and they may not be a reason to terminate the Agreement.

In any case, notwithstanding the above, the legal guarantees applicable to consumer goods Will be also applicable to LAURA LIS’ Products acquired through the Website, this is compliance with the description on the Website and the Purchase Conditions herein.
Laura Lis answers for any lack of conformity Clients may arise within one (1) year since the delivery. The Client must inform LAURA LIS of any faults at the time these are detected within the term specified above. The Client must also keep the invoice issued always when filing a complaint in relation to the Products. The breach of said term will result in the loss of any right to recovery in relation to the purchase of the Products to which the Client may be entitled and the Client will be liable for the damages or prejudices resulting from the lack of said notice. In any case, those defects caused to the pieces as a result of misuse are excluded from this guarantee and those observed by European legislation in force.
LAURA LIS will not assume and will not liable for any costs and expenses related to after sales service should the guarantee expire.


7. Client service

LAURA LIS’ users and Clients may direct any communication or complaint regarding the Products in the Website to info@lauralisstudio.com or to Laura Lis Design, c/ Fortuny 29, bajo, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

7.1. Care

General care
To clean your pieces properly, do not use bleaching products, chemicals, abrasives or ammonia. Instead, it is better to soak the jewel in tepid water with some mild soap for a minute. Then, rinse it clean and use a soft brush to avoid scratching the surface. Dry the piece with a soft cloth, leaving no wet traces. Last, store the piece back again in its box.
To prevent any unwanted breakages and deformations, always hold your pieces by its strongest areas, avoiding those that are mostly suspended on air, when putting on, taking off or cleaning your jewels.
Avoid exposing your jewellery to too much light and heat, since they can damage your pieces and its beauty may fade.

Specific care

Pieces with movement

To clean your piece, carefully separate each element with movement and use a soft cloth with no product.
If the piece slightly loses its geometrical shape or its structure, gently press the tip of your fingers on the piece so with light touches you return it to its original form.

Pieces with texture

To preserve the texture, use an eraser to clean it. You will get rid of most stains and scratches with an eraser, always rubbing in the same direction.
Pieces with enamel
Enamel can be extremely delicate. Treat pieces with enamel with special care. To clean them, simply use a soft cloth to preserve its colour and shine.

MIMI (Asimetrica collection)

In your hands you are holding the most precious piece of the Asimetrica collection. Due to its fragility, when cleaning it, treat it with special care and hold it only by the strongest areas (avoid holding if from the main rhombus shape in the centre or the top two rhombus shapes, which are mostly suspended on air). By doing so you minimise the risk of breakage and your piece will last longer.

If Clients have any questions regarding the care of the pieces, the may contact LAURA LIS by email info@lauralisstudio.com specifying CARE in the subject field.


8. Applicable jurisdiction and Law

Any matters not included in these Purchase Conditions or in the General Conditions will be governed by the Spanish General Law 26/1984 of19 July 1984 for the Protection of Consumers and Users.
For any controversies that may arise in relation to this online purchasing agreement, the courts of Madrid will be competent, and the parties thus waive any right to any other jurisdiction they may be entitled.
The European Commission has a platform for the alternative resolution of conflicts which may be accessed through http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. LAURA LIS is not part of any association or organisation offering extrajudicial conflict resolution.

10. Intellectual property

All the content in the Website (including the graphic design, Font codes, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photography, trade names, trademarks or distinctive sign and any other elements in the Website), unless otherwise provided, are of the exclusive ownership of LAURA LIS and other third-parties who collaborate with LAURA LIS.
No Client is assigned any intellectual property rights over the Website or over any of the elements therein. It is expressly prohibited the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public disclosure, extraction, reuse, forwarding or use of any kind of any of the elements, by any means, other than in those cases provided by the Law or unless the owner of the rights so authorises.

Clients may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Website content for their exclusive private use in their personal devices (software and hardware). In no case may the Client use the content for collective activities or trade purposes. Clients must abstain from obtaining, or trying to obtain, the content through procedures others than those commonly used on the internet provided that they do not entail any risk of damage or misuse of the Website). Clients must at all times respect intellectual property rights over the Website owned by LAURA LIS or third parties.
In any case, LAURA LIS reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and settings of the Website, as well as these Purchase Conditions and the General Conditions in this Website.