Votiva is a collection closely linked to the idea of the body and arises from an introspective search by Laura Lis, whose gaze is directed this time to the vital pulse of her life story.

Madrid, 2019

Since ancient times and throughout time, jewels tell stories and are, in some way, traces or records of a series of aspects that give meaning: belonging, ritual and also care, it is likely that from an early date they were used as protection against the dangers of life. As an art form, jewelry is primarily defined through its connection and interaction with the body that sometimes expands, accentuates, conceals, and also transforms.

Conceived in a sculptural key, the jewelry collection is presented from five figures that represent vital organs, the brain, the ovaries, the heart, the breasts and the testicles. Each piece is the trace of a pulse, of a rhythm that, like a heartbeat, generates movement, stimulus and reaction.

These organs turned into small sculptures to wear on the body allude to sensations that each person, according to their own journey, attributes to these figures. The collection opens a channel that allows us to reflect on the fragility of emotions, impulses and the reactions that moods provoke.

The pieces are solid, maintain and accentuate the real weight of the material so that whoever wears them feels closely the weight of affections, passions and memories. They are objects to give as a form of delivery, small offerings that seek to open up meaning and redefine stories linked to those vital parts.


The bronze sculpture format is assumed as an expansion of the intimate message: the body -previously assumed as a border- is now the home and the city.

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Votiva invites us to pause, to stop and listen to ourselves and those around us, as a way of registering and in order to share experiences and make them collective.

Her evolutionary journey, from jewelry to sculptures and the future vision that the author has for the collection, was part of the Pulso Vital exhibition, presented in Madrid in June 2022.