Collection of sculptural jewelry pieces inspired by the Cuban concrete art movement that emerged in the middle of the last century. They are a tribute to the exquisite creative originality of Loló Soldevilla, one of the most important promoters and cultivators of abstraction in Cuba since the beginning of the 50s.

Madrid, 2017

Asimétrica rests on the austerity of the primary forms: circle, square, triangle. Such –pure– plastic elements formed the linguistic units on which the discourse of Concrete Art was based.

Laura Lis’s sculptural jewels lead us by the hand to another way of understanding the poetic provocations of kineticism that, like mobiles and parks, developed Loló Soldevilla’s playful sensibility or the infinite visual possibilities of Sandú Darié’s structures.

Untitled, Loló Soldevilla (1953)
Asimétrica is a collection that defends elegance and freedom in the choice of jewelry to wear

In each piece, in addition, fine silver threads link the constituent parts together and allow them to relate spatially in a harmonized way, while changing, at the mercy of body movement, the wind, or simply our will.

The definitive challenge of these pieces of concrete art is that they will move like earrings or rings, establishing an unthinkably intimate relationship of dialogue with their potential viewers.

Asimétrica is a collection that remains exclusive to its current owners. In the future, the artist does not rule out the return of a selection of her pieces.

The asymmetry in this collection represents the freedom of choice of a confident and unique woman.