Laura Lis’s journey from jewelry to sculpture advances from the study of forms, always integrating life experience and training the gaze. A look willing to study the body, to think of the pieces as small sculptures that intervene in it, that imitate it and that explore it. For Laura, the body is a landscape.


Each organ, each vital part of our body, is represented by Laura in these solid bronze pieces, covered with a 24-carat gold bath.

As a whole, these organs tell us about love, strength and above all faith, believing and trusting in our own path, and learning to generate the frameworks for the development of our lives.

These sculptures are produced by hand in Madrid, from a high-fidelity 3D modeling. They weigh between 0.65 and 1.28 kg and reach a maximum height of 57.4 in. More details in the collection catalogue.

Experience shapes life, births, death, illnesses, moments of fall and the strength with which we get up and start again.


Votiva is a story that continues to be written, that expands because the sensitive material that sustains it is so powerful that it needs other means, another scale and, above all, another circulation.

Laura shares with us a projection into the future in the idea of expanding the scale of the pieces and definitively integrating them into the natural landscape. From the landscape of the body to the landscape of nature. The word, the drawing and the movement in a video that projects the expansion.

Material produced in conjunction with the visual artist and designer Raúl Muñoz.