Color Luz evokes the technical, visual and emotional evolution of an already more mature artist. With this collection, Laura Lis Peña consolidates herself in the field of sculptural jewelry and takes up concepts from her first collection, Asimétrica

Madrid, 2020

Color Luz symbolizes the resurgence of life and luminosity after a period of darkness caused by the confinement brought about by the covid-19 pandemic. Geometric shapes that are combined in an abstract way alluding to elements of nature. The artist intends that the jewels, in their dimensions and tonal explorations, be an explosion of color and happiness.

In this collection, brass is used as a base, which is molded with a laser cut, and a 24-carat gold bath is given to achieve the final golden finish.

In the case of earrings, 925 sterling silver is also used in the parts of the jewel that come into contact with the skin. A hypoallergenic treatment is applied throughout the earring to avoid reactions and allergies.